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What you need to do about it?

02.08.2012 | 12:11№4913573

what are you talking about???

arrow in the pictures you see?
how to remove it?

02.08.2012 | 13:16№4913628

your english is bad

02.08.2012 | 14:10№4913685

do you speak english, Alex?

В Бане (ID: 173903)
02.08.2012 | 14:10№4913686

to alexking1
not as much your russian pussy jerk))

alexking1 ,I do not ask what my english. I ask how do I remove the arrow

who can tell how to do it?

nobody knows....

12.08.2012 | 12:21№4933486

Me not comprendo English

I made friends with this arrow))

topic can be closed

12.08.2012 | 15:07№4933592

You not speak English.

29.07.2014 | 15:24№5638391


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