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19.09.2012 | 10:10№5006505

There are in my portfolio rashkinskom one position .. I do not remember when it "invested", but the income earned as much
2 899 900.00% - that is, two milena-odd percent!
I suggest the rest of the population and will compete iskami who still have any sort of "super-profits" get out shyrokih legs (or deep cleavage) but demonstrates no stesnyaytes.
In the meantime, the proposed first to guess this my record position, prize, a bonus in the amount of income in excess of it. Common evri barе!
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Ps. сорри фор му енглиш, если чо. но наши нерагшкоговоряшие союзники должны иметь равные права..да и вообше ветка что то "завяла"..

19.09.2012 | 11:24№5006710

your English is bad)))

19.09.2012 | 17:48№5006964

to alexking1
yes it is, so sad ..

25.09.2012 | 15:32№5020027

rest of

10.12.2012 | 01:08№5157953

It''s not just bad. It''s terrible)

23.04.2020 | 18:01№6193084

It''s a very good english/ He made me laugh)

26.04.2020 | 05:44№6194714

ух . ..сколько тут хранцузафф )

17.05.2020 | 17:34№6205545

Под поллитра самое оно поговорить на французком

18.05.2020 | 09:47 *№6206003

хранцузский - это не французский .... ствол .. .тебе не настоебало бегато за мной по веткам? хотя . ..мож это я бегаю? да . ..пофигу

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