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23.07.2013 | 15:29№5457593

-Nation lights up to celebrate
- Gun salutes to sound today

23.07.2013 | 15:31№5457595

CELEBRATIONS went on into the night outside Buckingham Palace as well-wishers from all over the world hailed the arrival of the royal baby.
Drinks flowed as tourists from many different nations toasted the 8lb 6oz boy, who will be third in line to the throne.
They waved Union Jacks and drank as the sun set on a momentous day in British history.
Across the capital, the BT Tower lit up with the message “It’s a Boy”, the London Eye turned red, white and blue.
And elsewhere Blackpool Tower also changed colour to blue for the special occasion.

23.07.2013 | 17:18№5457730

Так бы сразу и сказали... "Родила царица в ночь..." а то прям по инглишу))))


23.07.2013 | 17:39№5457755

еще один повод нажраться.....и накуриться

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